Napoleon and his Men on the Verge of Victory

“Brothers, Comrades, Frenchmen and sons of our glorious Revolution, I put before your eyes the entire expanse of Europe and command you to free her suffering souls. Many miles and journeys have we ventured together, much have we suffered and still…

The Mystical Egyptologist

Little is known for certain about Achillas, the now-national hero of the Egyptians, recently declared by the Nationalists. His early life, like the blazing sky of mid-July, is shrouded in cloudy obscurity. Some scholars speculate that he must have been a nobleman: their conjecture dreamed from the…


When we consider the rational approach of traversing a distance between point A and point B, the straight line distance AB is the rational approach. But what if our parameters for distance is not simply traveling the distance but creating something beautiful. …

Why God Favors the Righteous

At face value this is a straightforward question with a straightforward answer: God is good therefore he favors the good. But from a different angle this question is more complicated. Surely God is the god of all, both righteous and wicked, with duties and responsibilities…

Spin me a tale, dear fates

“[F]or dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return” — KJV Genesis 3:19

“Why so much grief for me? No man will hurl me down to Death, against my fate. And fate? No one alive has ever escaped it, neither brave man nor coward, I tell you — it’s…

Sunrise on Corfu

O immortal, unchanging love of the universe, and all her attendant mysteries, imbue me with courage to change and to move on, a new page, a new leaf, a new everything! That the past is past, and the future nearby. There is no such thing as finality in an infinite world. So say au revoire and das vedanye, lehitraot and tot siens, and waving your hat, and bowing down low, wish those who want to bring you down, a jolly farewell and bid the approaching sunrise with a smile and jest. Love comes and goes, she ebbs and flows, but the spirit is eternal, and seeks out more, and shall be obliged!

An irreconciliable conflict

My thesis recently completed, entitled “Freedom Violence and Revolution: A Critique of Liberal Democratic Conventions,” seems to have some timely resonance with current events. In the past couple days the Israeli — Palestinian conflict has surged to frightening levels of violence, with both sides clamouring for legitimacy for the use…

Angel of the Revelation (Book of Revelation Chapter 10) William Blake (1803–1805)

Full fathom deep fell I into a sleep

Along a pithy path I laughed

As I marched through an ocean’s mast

Who knows, who dares, who cares

Of the dreams I wove and shared

In those caverns of old, those mines of gold

Philosophies and poesies sweet to taste


Eugene Delacroix “La Liberte guidant le peuple” (1830)

Table of Contents

  1. Isaiah Berlin and the Two Concepts of Liberty
  2. Freedom and Violence within Hannah Arendt’s “On Revolution”
  3. Violence and its Justifications
  4. The Russian Revolutions of February and October 1917
  5. Bibliography


This thesis seeks to explore the relationship between freedom, violence and revolution, seen as a complex, interactive unity. Its immediate…

A follower of Dionysus

This piece was written during a midterm of 60 minutes for a class entitled European Intellectual History since Nietzsche. The prompt was to give a eulogy in the person of Nietzsche to the death of God, and recommend three thinkers that we had studied who suitably contributed to such a…

Adam Saul Krok

Writer, poet, philosopher

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