A Further Investigation into the Science of Love

Adam Saul Krok
2 min readJan 25, 2022


I have written in another article my observations into the art of love. I now want to systematize this into a rigorous Science of Love.

Love is an act of necessity, not chance. This world is dualistic, where opposites must reach a unified equilibrium between them. In the case of love, we call this marriage i.e. the union between Man and Woman.

Souls are transcendental — above space or time — but they take on definite mathematical characteristics in this world. That is, a soul, like the Ancient Egyptians believed, can literally be measured by God. We call the elements of the soul characteristics, and these characteristics can be three things: a vice of excess, a vice of deficiency, and a virtuous mean.

The point of ethics is to achieve the golden mean with respect to those two vices. I will give two examples from Aristotle’s famous list, of which this is derivative.

Let us begin with ambition: the vice of excess is overambition, the vice of deficiency, underambition, and the virtuous mean is right ambition. Similarly bravery: the vice of excess is rashness, the vice of deficiency is cowardliness, and the virtuous mean is bravery itself.

Now I repeat these virtuous characteristics are both objective and measurable. The Lord knows all of our souls, our characters.

When I say love is an act of necessity, I mean this: Given two souls who possess the exact same objective rankings of virtues and vices, these two become contractually bonded forever into marriage by the Lord. It is an unbreakable bond with divine consequences for failure to uphold. Marriage is eternal, i.e. never changes within reality. So until death do these hypothetical two depart.

And because love is of necessity, and is mathematical, there is a definitive ranking in heaven of who the greatest couple is and who the worst couple is, and everywhere in between. Only the most virtuous man will be matched with the most virtuous woman. An example of this is the Emperor Napoleon and his Empress Josephine.

So heed my words of advice. Love is a game — develop your virtue as much as you can and then the Lord will reward you with a husband or wife commensurate to your greatness. Money is a fool’s game when it comes to love. Many a man will be disappointed at the end of his life when he realizes that it is not paper money which buys the soul of a spouse, but his own soul itself.