A gentle breeze meanders through a sleepy Saturday in Johannesburg. The streets cheer on the weekend, their content silence encouraging the fun ahead.

My mother and I decide to visit Victoria Yards, a funky hipster spot in the city centre, full of boutique art dealerships and pop-up food stands.

The crowd is mixed racially. Affluent Joburg has no concern for race, although socioeconomically race is still a decisive factor in ones position in the social hierarchy. Black, white, Indian mingle and chat, sharing the sunny weather in delight. Only a few roads away, lie countless beggars underneath a bridge, their dirty mattresses and clothes stretched over the pavement.

Portuguese music courtesy of Obrigado waltzes among the chattering crowds, soothing and lulling the audience into a chilled daze.

O Joburg! If you could solve crime and poverty, then you would be paradise on earth!

Writer, poet, philosopher