A Mystical Guide

There are things beyond our human understanding, things which transcend logic and reason, to the point of mysticism and magic. This universe remains unexplored at every moment, forever changing, developing, becoming more complex, leaping now, then, into something greater.

How are we to keep pace? Breathe deeply, meditate serenely. Our thoughts are a deep connection to the divine — God works through our thoughts, bringing good tidings.

Be still. Listen, my son, to the voice of God which calls you to a greater destiny. Have faith and be brave and then you are sure to achieve your potential and unlock the deepest core of your self and your unbreakable link to God.

I am one steeped in mysticism. I have experienced a mystical Union with God and have found, obscurely and progressively, my purpose on Earth. He leads us, pulls us to higher heights than thought imaginable. He is waiting for you to reach out to Him and follow his advice which is perfect and bespokely tailored to your life.

As I write I breathe deeply, and in these infinitesimal seconds of thought and reflection, I realize a part of me previously hidden and out of reach. And I ask you to do the same.



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