A Traveler

A traveler. Ah I see. You have come yet you know not why. Many have wandered into the darkness, few have returned. Your spirit is strong. We shall see how long that holds. This place is strange, hidden, forgotten. I have oft wondered why I remain. I have a family- a daughter and a wife. Yet they have, by now, consigned my memory to the abyss.

You, however, are special. You burn with love and truth. I see it in your eyes. You seek what is concealed. You ask the unaskable. And you shall be rewarded if you persevere. Come, I will take your hand and lead you into the light.

Know this: love and truth are our weapons, our shield and sword. Never betray yourself, stand, stand up for love and truth. And then, this door, this ancient door shall swing open and unleash the glorious secrets of the divine.

I am convinced. You are brave, brave beyond comprehension. Follow me, my son, follow me I say. There is nothing that can hold you back now. Too far have you waded into the crystalline pools of truth. The light is around the corner.

We are here.

A blinding light explodes. The traveler passes out. His guide smiles and carries the unconscious traveler through the ancient door.


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