Achilles and Hector Part 2

As rushing waters run their course down rapid rivers, as magma explodes from the earth’s vast mantle, so too did Achilles burst forth and with his shining blade thrust forward and smash Hector’s pathetic sword. The clang of steel reverberated, shaking the walls of Troy. And all the women inside lamented, crying out to the gods for the useless safety of their hero

“Hector, give up. Your time has come”

“Achilles, I beg you one last time. Spare me, stop this madness. I have a wife and beautiful children”

“Fucking fool, so too would Patroclus have raised and sired a noble family and yet you robbed him of that.”

And so Achilles drew back his blade, now glinting in the sunlight, blinding Hector whose tears were now hidden from his killer.

Achilles lifted his blade but lo and behold Hector had begun to run away, running around the walls of Troy. He ran and ran, certain now of his death and his futile resistance.

And now Athena appeared in the form of Hector’s brother Deiphobus. “ Brother, here I am to save you. Come to me and take another, more powerful sword. I will be behind you the whole time, ready to give aid.”

“Deiphobus, thank the gods who are just. Let us strike down this madman and send fear into the Greeks”

So Hector turned around and marched straight towards that beast-god Achilles. “Brother now let us strike” and when he said this he turned around and saw no one.

“O cruel fate, I am undone”

Achilles, mighty and bold, fearless and brutal, ran forward with blistering speed, and jumped towards Hector. And as he came down he pierced the golden armor of Hector right through, killing him instantly.

Woe, woe to the inhabitants of Troy! Priam, father of Hector, wailed and cried while the men of Troy averted their gaze.

“Achilles you have won, now let us bury Hector whom the gods loved”

“Hector is food for dogs, pitiful king.” And with these short words, Achilles strapped the body of Hector to his chariot. He whipped his steeds, and off they charged around the walls of Troy, leaving dust and blood in their wake.

And the gods looked down from Olympos with a heavy, but apathetic, heart. Zeus showed no sign of remorse and secretly smiled at this crazy, divine warrior who bested the gods at the art of war, and whose savage ness reached the zenith of glory. Apollo wept and entreated Zeus to interfere with no response.

So the life of Hector came to an ignoble end by the hands of that beast-god Achilles. And forever, and forever the world will speak of his death and know that Achilles was the best and most savage of the Greeks



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