Alexander, O, Alexander

Alexander O Alexander, king of Macedonia and Greece, without even a Golden Fleece, you marched from home, with your brave soldiers from one end of the earth to the other, in search of glory and renown. And what adventures! And what stories!

Men to this day relate your bravery, your sincerity, your devotion to the good and the noble. Darius you slew and the Gordian knot you unsinewed, revealing to all and sundry that you were the foretold king of Asia. The holy Quran writes of you and your magnanimity. Kings emulate you. Queens desire you.

And here millennia past, in Johannesburg a poet and writer sings of you. I have oft dreamed, like Alexander, of conquering nations and freeing the oppressed. Once, in a synagogue, while praying, a vision overcame me. Trumpets blared, and a golden mist overcame me. Was this the Lord, calling me, beckoning my soul, to some calling, off in the far distance, to a life of conquering personal tragedy and obstacles. And who better to think of, than you Alexander the Great!

We are kindred souls. Lovers of life and liberators of our comrades’ souls. And perhaps we shall meet in the next world, when I am liberated from this corporeal frame.

I talk to you and you console me. We have travelled together and supped on the divine together, both followers of Dionysus. I have your bravery and charm. People recognize me as a man of arms wherever I go. Once, during a conference of Model UN, excited kids elected me their Supreme Commander out of the blue and yes I thought of you.

In some sense I am you, because I identify with your grand, noble spirit. Please guide me and lead me to the good and noble. And then I shall sit next to you in the divine halls of Olympos.

Writer, poet, philosopher