Another Proof that the world is composed of divine thought

If we can accept certain base axioms about reality, that Absolute Being must precede Absolute Non-Being, i.e. something must have existed before nothing could have existed, that non-being bears a certain relationship to being, opposite and complementary but not a priori, which we can call Absolute Being, or as the Jewish faith declares that God is One, or Oneness in itself, then we may continue onto a shared path of reasoning I would like to take us on.

Assume the opening statement as indisputably true, then mathematically it follows that number or qualitative difference, comes about from the LOGICAL difference between BEING and NON-BEING, i.e. that when God contemplated himself, he saw everything and logically reasoned to himself that there could exist something other than himself, even if this was not metaphysically true. So himself (1) and another, not himself, (2) existed logically. And then not himself, and not not-himself existed (3) etc etc. And if this is true, that difference and number emanate from LOGIC, but not metaphysics, then it is most likely that the world, the universe, constructed reality, emanates from this source, thought, rather than the metaphysical. This is true because we note number and difference as indisputable axiomatic things that exist in this world. This is also true because the metaphysical cannot change — or as the scholastics noted that God’s essence and his existence are one

(Although it would be fair to discredit all of this investigation with the unsolvable problem of God’s potential limitedness—can an infinite god create something that isn’t himself? Logically “infinite” and “something else” are contradictory, but then again we are now in the realm of metaphysics rather than logic so all bets are off)

The next conclusion we must take is that reality is numbered. That there must ACTUALLY, and not theoretically, exist a divine ledger with the corresponding real numbers of actual objects. Every single existing object must correspond to a divine number. And so God must act immanently as a mind able to comprehend every single object, and their interactions, reproductions, alterations etc, simultaneously. Computing does provide a useful analogy when it comes to the bit composition of virtual objects.

So is reality a simulation? Yes. But what is a simulation other than a way of building a world. That is no reality could exist without being created according to a set formula. We have learnt to become God logically, if not metaphysically



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