Che enters Havana

The crowds were ecstatic. Hundreds of Thousands lining the streets to welcome their brave liberators; after so many years under the yoke of cruel, corrupt Batiste. And there he was: Che. A tall handsome youth full of life and love, riding triumphantly on a truck.

Who was this mysterious man? Whispers among the crowds told of a myth — an Argentine doctor turned revolutionary who had traveled the continent and found, deep within his heart, the solution to Latin American poverty. And all the women swooned, seeing this burly, handsome revolutionary leading the charge into the capital. His smile was unforgettable — pure, innocent, dedicated.

He was a man of utter conviction, with the extraordinary bravery and willpower to achieve his dreams, through force if need be. He took up arms not because he hated men but because he loved them. Jesus with an AK-47.

And the crowds welcomed him and followed him without reservation or fear.



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