Inkent Babel, a man of short stature, but great heart walks across the azure. His mind. Beyond the clouds. Angels singing, dogs barking. Men laughing.

Who are you. I am the writer.

I am the Alpha and Omega. Maelstrom of sin and deed have swirled in my corpuscular muscles. Are you sure. Crypts and graves have passed. Sin is cliche. Love is cliche. Hate is cliche.

Again and again we must combust this engine. Again and again nunc est bibendum. Again and again a lonely angel sings.

Heat death of the universe. Frozen tundra that never end. Wind without win. Aqua consumed non satis.

Begin, begin O muse, to sing a tale interminable.

Ants sing. Bees buzz. Trees talk.

The journey begins.

In the end was seen the beginning.

Inkent Babel lived once upon a time. Tragedy consumed him. Death haunted him. Love evaded him.

Emeraldine shone. Her eyes deep. Her sign.

Inkent lost, his mind shattered. Begin again. His mind broken. A vision of her, I must run.

A stony hovel. A Romance drowned. A new story begun.

Depths of wells. Avraham and the Divine Shidduch. Sarah spotted. Yitzchak infatuated. Love born again. The story, on and on.

Depths of wells.Rebekah arrives. Jacob arrives. Water drawn. A Romance begun. So on so on.

Depths of wells. The Lord entranced by a donkey. Chamor forever.

You know why I wrote this story. For you. Why. You are the One and Only. You are the Alpha and Omega, seen beforetime.

Brine embittered, soul enlifted. Him.

Joy. Sorrow. Her.




Writer, poet, philosopher,

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