Long were the nights which loneliness and cheerless solitude hampered him. Long were the days which neither shining sun nor flowing wind interrupted his sighs. Semester after dreadful semester, month after grueling month, when the tombic tomes of college piled ceiling-high within his shoebox room- when the sight and sounds of going-to’s and hurrying-from’s silenced each other while he fell deeper and deeper into the forever receding abyss of knowledge and un-knowledge. Will I forever be condemned to this fruitless search? Will I join the ranks of Sisyphus and Tantalus, my punishment unending, my torment eternal? She haunts my every dream, she hangs on every word and phrase, a miser, a thief of the night. And all alone. Completely.

But then something happened. Something which shook his burdened foundations to the very cornerstone of his mettle. She, her. That spirit, that beautiful soul. She who glided into his life like a wandering leaf, or a drifting daisy. She who smote his soul with passion and desire and longing, caressed him back from the looming promontory, from the jagged cliffs of no return. She who whispered the aloud the infinite goodness of life with her fragile emerald eyes. “Come back, Come back—her soul spoke. Go no further without me”

And then they fell together. An irreversible fall after which neither was ever the same again.

Writer, poet, philosopher