Full Fathom Deep Fell I into a Sleep

Adam Saul Krok
1 min readMay 6, 2021


Angel of the Revelation (Book of Revelation Chapter 10) William Blake (1803–1805)

Full fathom deep fell I into a sleep

Along a pithy path I laughed

As I marched through an ocean’s mast

Who knows, who dares, who cares

Of the dreams I wove and shared

In those caverns of old, those mines of gold

Philosophies and poesies sweet to taste

Ontologies and Beings spoken too late

And the gods appeared to me in celestial state

And offered me the chalice of fate

“Drink deep, my son, drink deep”

Thus I drank and fell further by a leap

Down down, lower than any man had gone before

Where the light no longer shone, with only darkness in store

And I forgot how to distinguish between the light and dark

Right before the end, before the consummation

Before the night swallowed me up

I came back, came to, and now flying with eagle’s wings

I broke free, a newborn, full of passion and peace.

Enmeshed in the darkness, I was now the bearer of light

Only those who have succumbed to insanity

Can reach greatest heights of charity.



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