How to Appreciate Every Single Word

The universe, my friend, is beautiful. Emerging from chaos, order streaks across the night-sky like a comet whose journey and destiny is pre-determined. And nothing speaks to the beauty of the universe, from the human perspective, like language. Language, in essence, is the Union between Subjectivity and Objectivity. It is a tool and artifice for communicating or depicting the universe in representational symbols.

Every sentence, so long as plagiarism is barred, creates an entirely new connection between ideas, never before realized in the whole of human history. Like connecting brain synapses in a unique, novel way.

And the word is the beautiful element of language. Each word is a small, humble part of the whole, necessary decoration to the creation of something beautiful. Dive deep into the history of each word and you have etymology. I love etymology. I studied Latin assiduously and specifically so I could better and perfect my command of English.

To know and appreciate the word is to see infinity in a grain of sand as William Blake exhorted us to do. I only hope you will join me on this adventure into the very heart and soul of language.



Writer, poet, philosopher,

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