I have loved and I have lost

I have loved and I have lost

And in my bed oceans have tossed

Over lovers past, and futures unchart

Over words gone, whisped from my heart

She who wronged me, let her live and last

But know one day, I say,

Your heart like a glass shall shatter

From he who thinks of you no matter

And then my song and my voice

And my sincere words of choice

Will penetrate into your ear

And longing and yearning

Will be your soul’s deserving

Love is blind and cruel and great

But, make no mistake

She who wins today the rosy duel

Will one day become the clownish fool

I bear you no ill feeling

But love and love without ceiling

Yet must I the harbinger be

Of a dangerous and fickle sea

Where the initiate has no fears

But the expert reels in tears

Goodluck and godspeed

From the berth I’ll sing indeed

And champagne pop and thirst

As we christen the boat unrehears’d

Yet, though I smile and I wave

And the crowd goes rave and manic

I, sadly (or not), know the ship’s name to be Titanic.

Writer, poet, philosopher