Intuition that man and woman are Co-Creators with God

When one looks back at their life, all the twists and turns, and decides to analyse cooly the trajectory one has actually taken, there will, almost miraculously, seem to occur a unity of purpose, a logical coherence, so much so that a lifetime, instead of a cumulation of experiences and sensations, becomes a story — a novel of sorts with plot, intrigue, despair, hope, victory, defeat etc etc. How is it possible, we must ask, that from the confusion, from the battle of reality, its hurly-burly, rough and tumble, can purpose spring, like the divine waters of Elysium, and turn a near infinite number of experiences into a cohesion? The answer is too complex ever to understand and requires the self-knowing knowledge of the All Supreme Deity, but there can be extrapolated from this experience of life, an important intuition. That intuition is that we, through our “Free will” of the imagination conjure up the experience of reality in conjunction with the Master. Think about the experience of being a child — children have dreams of becoming musicians, artists, mathematicians etc etc, and are consequently led through their imagination and the external world to actualize their goals. I had dreams of attending an Ivy League university, and with enough effort and willpower, the universe granted me that dream. The key equation is imagination with correct willpower, equals actualization. Furthermore one must let go of concrete ideas of what this path of life will look like. This is because the universe is so fucking complex, that only the Deity knows how to achieve an infinite number of imaginative-wills and bring it all into cohesion and conformity. This is why we say life is a matter of twists and turns — the broad outline, the imagination of one’s life is present always, even if subconsciously, and reality will knock us six-ways from Sunday to achieve our goals. The important thing is to keep up the Will. Many, sadly most, humans let go of their dreams because of a lack of willpower. Always be cheerful, always be brave! And let destiny and the Deity bless you on your path.



Writer, poet, philosopher,

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