Jeter Galloway, President Unprecedented

A feckless president, almost unprecedented

Sits on his corporate throne, a puppet all alone

He raises his sceptre, aimed at cash like a vector

“Here be my leadership,” he screeches

His back bent from laborious speeches

“Money, money sweet dears and honey

Is sweeter than academic rigour and much neater,” says the hunchbacked teacher

“The mob cry for a leader!”

He spies a crowd of rowdy students, eager eager

“And they shall have whom they deserve”

So he tips his hat, and jumps a little back

Pushes in his chair, grabs a coat from the rack

And towards the window he runs.

“Err, ugm, ahh” he says with the confidence

Of a stair

“Body Corporate don’t just stare”

“Tell me what to say

Do we change the name

Or keep it the same

Do we allow free speech, hey

Or has that become too blase”

The Body Corporate, eighteen inordinate

Fat cats with big hats

Smile and nod

Then point with one rod

To the blackboard

Their shield and sword

Which says

“In times of distress

When you feel oppress’d


And then the crowd will cheer you proud

For your brevity, sanity and utmost humanity!”

So the hunchbacked teacher, and beautiful creature

Up, uppity jumps and yells with a few thumps


And the rowdy crowdy once so loudy,

Is appeased from the head to the knees

And each to his own

Walks home

And pats himself on the back

That they the administration did crack

While New Haven bleeds, and burns

At least more can join the elite in turns!

The crowd and the president dance and twirl

And all the Yale flag unfurl

“Hurray, Hurray” they cried with absolution

“DIVERSITY” and “INCLUSION” in our prestigious institution!


Writer, poet, philosopher,

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