Love: A Theology

The only thing that matters in this world is the experience of love. Love is fundamentally a relationship, a connection. In a world of illusory difference, love bridges the gap between our embodied souls. In a world of difference, we must fight to re-experience the infinite, from where we all descend.

It is literally a force which binds the entire universe together. And while hate, separation, does exist, and for good reason, the universe tends, is biased, towards love. It is for this reason the Torah tells us that God saw the light and the dark, and was exceedingly happy with the light. If love did not conquer hate, then the universe would tear itself apart.

And now we must realize another reason for Creation. God loves himself infinitely; but how much more so will He love himself from the overwhelming, sublime perspective of finitude. For a human, an earthly animal in essence, to gaze into the universe and to comprehend ( well, to remember more accurately) God Himself, when that human is contained within material flesh, this my friend is the most awesome feat that God has achieved ( that we know).

Love, in essence, is how God relates to himself, and boy does God relate to himself in the most awesome, bizarre, funny, weird and sometimes tragic way — but it is always, always immensely beautiful.

And I would have it no other way.

יי אליהנו יי אחד