Marxist thoughts

Forget everything you think you know about communism, socialism, and marxism. Ignore the various policies introduced by governments, and by doing so I will guide you to understand its essence as a science and how you can use it in your thinking life.

Marxism is not intrinsically tied to any policy. All it states is this much: Everything follows logic ,and the logic of society and its various manifestations can be traced in history. Not only can it be traced, it can also be interpolated and extrapolated like a graph. There is no such thing as historical guarantees, but just as we assume continuity in other sciences, history will follow a given logic until it reaches a contradiction.

The founding premise of marxism is irrefutable, that the class struggle determines the composition and constitution of any country. We are a world of competitive human beings with both selfish and selfless motives. The strongest class in society will implement its constitution to its liking. In the United States, that regime change took place two centuries ago, by white slaveholding, property-owning men. They chose to perpetuate their political and especially economic interests — restricting the vote, maintaining slavery, ensuring old-British style property rights. Only with time did the political rights of “others” increase within the United States. In today’s times, especially because of the noble and brave efforts of Marxists,socialists and communists around the world, the majority of humans do not accept the archaic standard of economic interests America still continues to use and abuse.

United States analysis

The United States is a pariah, as the beautifully eloquent and all-round genius Donald Trump has shown. He is the epitome of American success, and deserves in my opinion to be its president. A country founded on concentrating property rights in the hands of the powerful, deserves a bulldog businessman as the king. But woe unto the world nonetheless!

The United States is wedged between two mutually exclusive options as a result of economic and political contradictions — either to turn to the right and become fascist, or turn to the left and become Marxist. The fundamental question we must ask in any politico-economic situation is who is justifiably a citizen in our community. That will determine who the politicians consciously, or subconsciously, work for. It is clear that Trump and the right favours a subtle aristocracy of the meritorious — constituted of the rich; the religious, and the poor who accept their overlords unquestionably. The left in the United States is confused and, as typical of the left, ridden with infighting. Marxist oppression logic has reached its logical contradiction in the overwhelming championing of intersectionality instead of the equality of all individuals. The radical intersectional feminists have made themselves heard, probably at the expense of greater solidarity. Even Black Lives Matters is a sectional political group, espousing a racial, although leftist racial argument. Nothing quite like the non-racial politics of Nelson Mandela and the South African Communist Party where it originated in, has appeared on the political scene in the US. The average American is white, and a consciously racial group like BLM will not engender much new support from the white population, where a radically inclusive party might have done otherwise. BLM should be seen as an early stage form of raising the consciousness of Americans; it should not however be seen as a serious contender for the ultimate transformation of society which should be non-racial.

It is the confusion of the left, the non-inclusivity of the left, the cowardice of the neoliberal left, and the lack of strong leadership of the left which will ultimately hand Trump another victory in the elections, and probably lead the United States further on the road down to fascism.



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