Metaphysical Proof that Pi=e

Adam Saul Krok
3 min readFeb 1, 2022


When we examine the transcendental numbers pi and e, we must consider that these numbers cannot be actual numbers but rather potential numbers.What I mean to say is that these numbers never exist actually unless we stop the mathematical measurements which produce them i.e. these numbers collapse into actuality, the moment we measure them, like in quantum theory.


Pi is the transcendental number which governs space. This number can take the form of any number , that is the definition of any transcendental number (think only how pi changes according to the precision or imprecision of measuring actual circumferences and diameters of actual drawn-out circles). What makes pi unique (as well as e) is that the number can tke on an actual number in actualized reality, what we might label practical Space as opposed to theoretical Space. This is what separates pi and e from irrational numbers which are also potentially infinite in nature, but lack real world applications (for now).

Proof of the Infinite Nature of Pi

I now want you to imagine a numerical system based on pi. Imagine our first measurement of pi results in 3 because of the inaccuracy of the actual circle drawn. Let us map 3 to the number 1. Similarly, the second measurement of pi results in 3.1 which we map to 2. Continue this ad infinitum and we have something like:

In other words, true pi (the finished infinitude of pi) can take on every single number in this numerical system, simultaneously. This means our number system is occurring all at the same time, unlike traditional linear mathematical number systems. It is only when we measure pi within reality, does this number collapse into actuality, much like quantum mechanics.

Cross-apply this analysis to e.

Proof that Pi=e

If the transcendental numbers pi and e can take any form in potentiality, we may simply rearrange the digits of pi and e to show how they cancel out.

It is easy to see now that these two are actually equal, both representing infinity (although in opposite form). Both represent infinite potentiality but from a different angle (pi:space and e:time) And hence:

Pi=e ; Pi-e=0; and e-pi=0

Lastly it is only because of logic can we decisively say that e.pi=0 because space and time are definitionally opposites which cancel each other out. When we have e.pi in actuality, we will see that both nothing and everything will occur on a practical level. And for this reason it is my firm conviction that e.pi is the real quantum transcendental number which will result in a practical system implementing every possibility at the same time.




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