Moses and the Birth of Judaism

Moses by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Tomb (1505–1545) courtesy of Jörg Bittner Unna

And Moses, mighty man of God, ascended Mount Sinai to convene with the Lord at the appointed time of day. All the Israelites huddled together at the base of the mountain, awaiting further instruction from their redeemer and their God.

And angels, dazzling and splendiferous, circled the mountain, their wings sending huge gusts of air onto the summit, enclosing Moses within a tornado. The angels hovered in circles ascending and descending from a portal opened between heaven and earth.

Shouts and cries burst out from the Israelites, every now and again men and women fainting. And women played their harps and lyres while the men gathered together to dance.

Monstrous thunder and terrible lightning exploded suddenly. The Lord Himself had entered earth. Trumpets blare from nowhere and everywhere.Blackest cloud and dunnest smoke enwrapped Moses as a deafening divine voice proclaimed: “ I am the Lord your God who brought you from Egypt”

More fainting and hysteria. Shrieks of panic, alarm and jubilation washed over the Israelites.

And the Lord’s voice killed the Israelites’ animal bodies leaving behind a pure transcendental frame, wholly dedicated to serving the Lord for all eternity, even through hell and more.

“I have heard your cries and your affliction. You are now and forever more My people, My cherished heritage”

And the angels burst into song, proclaiming the faithfulness of the Lord, who had kept His promise to the angels to create a people wholly dedicated to Himself”

The mountain burns and burns, as the sky turns black and bold. And Moses, mighty man of God, transformed into a glowing being of light, steeped in deepest spiritual waters.

He suddenly appeared from the dark, holy smoke and spoke with the voice of God: “ Israelites, our mission is an eternal one. To forever reveal godliness in this world, to be a beacon of divine hope and light unto the nations, a kingdom of priests. Much will we suffer, much will we be scorned and hated. But at the end of history, the nations will recognize our selfless mission as a boon and example. Follow me, follow the Lord for everything is in His hands, and I will lead you to the Promised Land of our fathers and mothers.”

A thunderclap and a great cheer from the Israelites boomed over the horizon. And the nations of the world trembled. And the Lord was well pleased.

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