Napoleon and his Men on the Verge of Victory

“Brothers, Comrades, Frenchmen and sons of our glorious Revolution, I put before your eyes the entire expanse of Europe and command you to free her suffering souls. Many miles and journeys have we ventured together, much have we suffered and still I sense the burning rage in your hearts to liberate this continent from the darkness of tyranny and monarchy. We bear our brothers of the continent no ill, but we come marching with the banner of Enlightenment. Out, out fiendish darkness, usher in the light of day and cleanse us of revolting rule.

Many of you here will die today. I may perhaps die today. But they will remember us for eternity, brave brave men on horseback and foot who sought to uplift their brothers and sisters in a land not their own. Onwards, onwards and let glorious words of Liberty Equality and Fraternity adorn your lips. We are not conquerors, but free-men come to give free-men back their dignity and common rank among the family tree of humanity.”

Trumpets blare. Napoleon whips his horse, and the army moves forward into Italy.

Writer, poet, philosopher,

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