On the Immortality of the Soul

For this discussion, I will rely on the concept of the world of Forms. By this, I mean to say that there exists a world which has no change and is eternal, and which is the precursor and blueprint for this changing world in which we live and breathe.

Now, how is a world of perfect non-change possible? The only way is to solve a peculiar contradiction: non-change comes about when everything has changed completely ie when everything changes, nothing changes. This is an entirely original contribution to philosophy, solving the contradiction between becoming and being. When we consider the world of Forms, we must not imagine just a static world, like an infinite museum of pristine marble sculptures. Instead we must imagine a world so full of change and movement that it becomes static, like a merry-go-round which moves so quickly that it looks still. Our world can exist because it can partake partially in that changing-unchanging world, a fractional slice of infinity.

When we incarnate, we choose beforehand, probably in consultation with God, to experience a partial amount of infinity — we choose our linear fate; a linear slice of all possibilities imaginable. When we die, we re-enter the world of Forms where everything and nothing occurs simultaneously. It is for this reason that life on Earth is enjoyable because it contains the artificial and unique-to-this-world element of novelty and surprise, as well as personal achievement. Free-will, in essence, is the ability to draw down, through willpower and imagination, our own individualized slice of infinity, carving a unique, demarcated path through the world of Forms. This is why we are Creators, partaking partially in the Form of the Creator.




Writer, poet, philosopher, mystic

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Adam Saul Krok

Adam Saul Krok

Writer, poet, philosopher, mystic

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