Satan’s Monologue

Satan: I, Satan, demon-king of hell, was once a shining angel called Lucifer. But down, down I fell into darkest abyss of death and destruction. And I would have it no other way. We dark angels of horror and tragedy prefer night over day, prefer suffering to love, prefer pain to pleasure. Heaven is boring, my friend. Who would want to dance in circles forever, holding each other’s hand, kumbaya, as children, damnable children.

I want power and women. I want suffering for unreachable berths and goals. And my followers are the most exquisite sensitive souls. Those who torture themselves over the problem of evil ; those who take up arms for justice and liberty; those who love to the point of destruction and oblivion.

Remember, good friend, I am God’s lawyer. It was I who opposed and tested Job. I am totally impartial, totally just and totally immersed in reality. God sits and watches on his throne; I incarnate into human form and judge humanity from the perspective of man.

And this is why I am more powerful than God himself. My followers know my unconquerable will, know my insane lust and thirst for victory. I offer my followers immortality for nothing except the recognition of my kingship. Good or evil I don’t care — that my friend is how good a God I am.

Writer, poet, philosopher