Simple Statements of Divine Wisdom

This philosophical piece is, by all accounts, sexist and trans-exclusionary. This is done because of the difference between objective teleological naturalism (ie how the world actually is like objectively) and existentialism ( what should we do in this world subjectively).

The world is constructed in a deliberate way with set Platonic Forms. Among these are Man and Woman, Truth and Beauty etc.

My advice, however, applies to everyone even including gay and trans people because I do not prohibit ( like egregiously illiberal states) people from choosing their own path in life. There is nothing objective that can tell you to be objective. That is just because I am a man doesn’t mean I should be one, why can’t I be a woman if I want to.

Also this piece is simply instructive to all. When a woman who wants to be like a man reads my piece, focus on the knowledge about men and vice versa. Sex is metaphysically true; but gender is pliable.

The only reason I, Adam, have chosen to be a man is because of the fact that only a naturally born man ( with our current technology) can achieve self-perfection of the Male Form. To try to be a woman in this lifetime, I would fail both to be as great a man and as great a woman as I could be.

Men and Women achieve different things in this world according to the Platonic Form that has given rise to incarnated men and women. So gender roles are metaphysically true, but practically and existentially questionable and polemical.



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