Socrates and Plato continued

“School of Athens” (1511) Raphael

Plato: Hail Socrates!

Socrates: Holy Zeus’ ballsack, where the hell did you come from Plato!? You really need to get a hobby

Plato: Ah my friend, Philosophy takes no breaks. The universe is too beautiful, too magical, too mystical for me to rest.

Socrates: What now is the subject matter of your discussion? I’m in a bit of a hurry, I have a trial to attend.

Plato: I want to talk about the One and the Many, the very basis of the metaphysical constitution of the world. One who understand this, understands how God constructed the world.

When we gaze upon this earth, this maelstrom of difference and variation we note, slowly but inexorably, that behind the magical cascade, the cave of shadows and appearances, the existence of a Unity. This unity is reason itself. A single substance, a single word as it were. In the future a man of God shall tell us that the beginning was the word, and that word was God. What he means to say is that the spirit of God, His reason, began to pervade the universe imbuing chaos with order. We are all letters in the Great Book of Life my friend, different but leading to a grand unity of purpose.

Socrates: This is all noble and brilliant my friend. So reason, the One, fills the Many.

Plato: Yes exactly. Now my friend, I wish you luck on your trial. I have an exceedingly good feeling that things will go just swell.

Socrates: Thank you Plato. Adieu


Socrates was found guilty of corrupting the youth and committed suicide by hemlock.




Writer, poet, philosopher,

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Adam Saul Krok

Adam Saul Krok

Writer, poet, philosopher,

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