The Boringness of Perfection and Reincarnation

The Founding Father of Knowledge

Plato: Dear Socrates, Olympus is so boring in truth. Perfect justice, perfect truth and overwhelming beauty, these all are great for a time.

Socrates: Ah I see Plato, what you are coming to realize is the contradiction of heaven and earth. Perfection is boring! God almighty realized that himself early on in his Perfect existence. And so he created Creation, so that his creatures might become, instead of be. The process of becoming is much more satisfying than the process of being.

Plato: Yes, I see now. And now I can understand why we constantly reincarnate on earth. Each lifetime presents us with a new opportunity to become, and in a completely new fashion, a chance to create a new beautiful and even grand life.

Socrates: Yes dear friend and great philosopher. And in relation to this, I must bring up that great and wild genius Nietzsche, a real follower of Dionysus, that his notion of the eternal recurrence is partly true. That since we have an eternal essence, which is always becoming something more and new, it maintains a kind of stickiness to its past ways. That if I am a philosopher in one life, I am almost certainly bound to be a kind of thinker, or if not a thinker, then an artist.

Plato: I see. And as I intuit, there is a kind of revolving door between heaven and earth. That my time on earth is paralleled by some of my friends’ time in heaven, and vice versa. That at any point of time in the present, those alive used to be the ancestors and the gods, and that those who are currently in heaven are the ancestors and gods.



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