The Consolation of Music

There’s a music fluttering in the air if you will allow yourself the calm and patience needed to discern it: the gentle willowing of the wind, the directionless breeze, the soft hum of the starry universe. The stars dance and burn,and yearn for each other across the cosmic void, their celestial voices ringing and reverberating, ever since the universe began singing its bittersweet lullaby, lulling the first curious ears to soft sleep and vibrant dreams. O music! Joyous, honeysweet music. That from the twangling and strumming of six supple strings, can we hear and note the movement of man’s destiny. How is it that from one melody, one harmony, a symphony of song, we can see, with the mind’s eye, a birth of a child, the moment two lovers’ eyes are enraptured, a hero’s rise and fall, the destruction of empires, death and her finality, and any and all images, moments wrapped in time, ad infinitum. O music! Gondolier of the Human journey, beauty’s heart and truth’s shining face. It was you who wrought order from the dismal abyss, you who handed love from the divine-bosom into fragile, mortal hands.

There’s a secret book which the LORD keeps in his most inner chambers. A book which records in minute detail, the musical tale of the universe: every word spoken, every lover’s declaration, every birds chirp, every poem sung and unsung; all condensed, minimized into a single solitary sound, whose English translation is “let there be light.” And everytime the LORD reads it, and who knows how many times He has, He smiles and the angels sing.