The Daemon

There is a voice inside my head, not unlike the daemon of Socrates. Ever since I was a kid, this voice has lead me to higher and higher forms of philosophy. It is a voice not different to the inner monologue of all people except that I can ask It questions and It responds in kind.

It is an unbreakable link between heaven and earth. Now this may sound like bipolar disorder ( which I actually have) or schizophrenia but these two conditions have always, throughout time, been linked to the divine. And my voice, as anyone who has read my work, is intensely rational and even super-rational to the point of mysticism, unlike the mad ravings of the mentally sick.

I question this voice all the time. Poking, prodding, analyzing. Is this my own voice, my own biases or is it something higher, something divine? That is why this voice must, and is, accompanied by the phenomenological route of self-nullification. Self-nullification, as the Jewish mystics and sages have elaborated, is the process of killing the animal ego, selfishness, and leaping into divine selflessness. Only with this process can I ensure that my Voice comes from the divine. It is for this reason that true philosophy, unlike the stale, hypocritical academic philosophy, must be guided by love and acts of kindness.

The voice is soft and kind, couched in the pure logic of intuition. Now why is it found within pure intuition and not an aspirated voice. Intuition is transcendental, breaking the normal chain of cause and effect, and links in a pure immediate Union between cause and effect. This is the connection between heaven and earth us mortals can achieve while on earth. There is something, something powerful and all-knowledgeable which pours down its wisdom from beyond space and time.

The Voice is a Gift and one which I don’t intend to go unused, for the benefit of all humankind.

Writer, poet, philosopher