The Fantastical Adventures of Adamo and David Introduction

How did Adamo, a brazen tourist with less wits than the vanishing numbers in his bank account, find himself spread butt-naked on the rocky floor of a half-decent sushi restaurant, his mind spinning faster than a self-conscious white-girl, after snorting a handful of wasabi because his boredom whispered him the challenge, in a god-forsaken heathen-den of a town in Costa Rica?

While we are asking questions, how did this sometime well-mannered Jewish boy from the quiet suburbs of Johannesburg pop up in a country where he spoke none of the language, cared nothing for his outrageous conduct, and indulged his imaginative fancy with the literary-cum-rebellious spirit of a young man who would inject the collective works of Shakespeare into his veins if the medical procedure existed?

These questions, dear reader, will drag us onto a fantastic journey, unlike any other. Tip your hat to the fading shores of reality, and brace for impact on the rough uncharted seas of a turbulent mind. We punt our boats beyond sense or reason. In stages incremental and drastic, you shall spy the descent of an auspicious young man Adam, self-destined a scribbling scholar, into the enviably reckless, downright debauched and unwhisperable-around-the-family-table pit of extravagance and goodly fun in a strange land.

Pastors, rabbis and imams close your holy eyes or cover your sacred books with the whitest piece of cloth. Let not these gloriously filthy words of of lust-imagined and lust-fulfilled, of victories of drink and cheer, of the utter vanquishing of the weak-bellied and light-weighted, infect your all-too perfect souls. Elders scoff at the longful mirror of your youth, and watch as the brightest star of the night sky dips his cheeky sword into the lappy lake of love, and charm the Central American isthmus his spring-break lover.

O! What a world of delight and maybe fright awaits you. But my excitement exceeds my storytelling! How did Adamo lose his pants, and some of his nose-lining, in that anonymous, forgettable restaurant? We must begin at the beginning, when the god-lover Adamo was still a crooked-backed, book-bonked Adam, and when his university friend David, intrepid traveller and colleague in the esteemed school of sexual attraction, approached with the trip of several lifetimes.


Writer, poet, philosopher,

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