The love Adonis bore for Aphrodite

Adonis opened a door, and fell into a lake, which splashed open onto a field of flowers

And there he was, alone, in a field of sunflowers, dancing innumerable

Where the sun lifted his burden, once again, day after day after day

And then the moon jumped up, and said what up,

Night after night, she makes this round a sumptuous sight.

The moon and the sun tried to hug

But fate and heaven had something else in store

“Forever more”, said someone one, not the sun

“Will you run, after her”

And so the sun tried to hug the moon

But oh no! He fell and fell and fell

So too did the moon fall and fall

The sun chased the moon

The moon looked up, her shiny eyes

Intent on her lover’s solar thighs

Round and round these two orbs orbsited

Above the field of sunflowers,

Whose entrance is the lake

And then the goddess Aphrodite appeared.

“Lover number one, come closer”

Adonis breathed heavier,

afraid of what he had seen

Of the moon and sun

And their eternal run

“Oh my dear, Aphrodite,”

Be my wife and my life

I will serve you forever,

Even up to that point

The sun and moon hug.”

“Lover and lover dear, tell me

Who is the brightest and most beautiful

The queen most celestial and ambrosial?”

Why this needs no answer!

Paris answered

You this millennia, millennia ago,

you were, are and shall be number one hoe

Aphrodite smiled, her black locks

Breezing through the windswept field

“But dear O dear Adonis,

I want to hear what you have to say

Paris was a babe and a knave

But you, my fair sir, are a king so brave.”

“Dearest Aphrodite, whose song has silked

The heartiest hearts of heroes past

I love you not once, nor twice,

But thrice times thrice times thrice

Yes nine times, for ten is sickly too much

And eight oh so too little a crutch to touch

Love me Adonis, Love me now and forever

You are mine, and I am yours.

Adonis leaned over to hold Aphrodite,

let her body sway with the winds of that wind-kissed sunflower field

He held her gently, and pointed to the sun and the moon.

“Oh love of my life and strength of my soul, look beyond the earth

And see the sky and her sea of celestial singing

That moon and that sun chase each other

Race each other, never to hold and never to touch

I beg you wife, never let strife between us come

Never let us like the moon and sun become!

Aphrodite cried. She had never met a mortal like Adonis. Brave, strong, poetic, noble. All the virtues of heaven he possessed, and possessed with a noble and good heart. To do that which was right always, to seek truth and love with all his power. She loved him more than he could ever know. She wanted him more than he could know.

Aphrodite come to me, please. I beg you. I need you!

She did not know what to say. She could not be with him. It was forbidden by the gods. She could not tell him why, she could not let him know.

I need you darling, I need you! A tear appeared in Adonis’s right eye.

She could not answer him, she chose not to answer him.

When night overcomes you, I will appear and tell you then.

Okay my dear. You promise?

I promise.

So they danced together and laughed together, in the abode of the gods, far from home and not alone.

And night and day, turned into more night and day, on those sunflower fields of eternal light.

Writer, poet, philosopher

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