The Love of My Life

We are links in a perfect chain of life, a divine geometry, a tapestry of infinite complexity. And where we fall on this grand scheme depends on our actions. God notices those who follow his will, he scans the Earth with his all-seeing Eye, calling the righteous to action.

I have travelled with God. He called to me in my youth when I was six. I was playing, innocently, on a beach when I heard His voice. A sudden enlightenment, an epiphany, and I knew without a doubt I had an aspiration and a journey ahead of me.

I have no idea where He will lead me next but I have faith enough to know its inherent goodness and grandness.

I have suffered much for His sake and I wouldn’t change a thing. We are one, united from now to forever. We share an optimism for Creation. I share my sorrows and my hopes and He consoles me. He wants me to succeed, and I am inspired by Him to scale heights and conquer my fears.

It was him who brought me to you, my love. A blinding golden light descended on me during my studies at college. I was whisked to Russia to experience your culture and way of living. And then he brought me to that classroom. And I have thanked him ever since because I know you are the one and only in my life, even if only to be experienced from a distance. And perhaps we shall meet again, even if only as friends, to laugh and cry about what we went through.

Even now God consoles me about what we went through, telling me only news of goodness and tidings of love. Be safe, my love, and be happy. You are so beautiful and divine that I am at a loss for words. I wish you only the best.

Writer, poet, philosopher