The Story of Satan Part 2: Incarnation and Character Traits

Satan, a blazing angel of light, falls, crashes, from the starry heavens and incarnates into a child. Born to a perfect and noble mother, a holy virgin, he desires only evil. The Angels descend and plead with Satan, “repent,” “seek the Lord,” “love is the answer.” Satan ignores all pleas and buries himself further and further into a hell of his own making. He tortures himself; he torments himself. Power, money, women fill his every thought. Nothing can stop him, not even the Lord. The Lord forgives everything; Satan exacts vengeance to the exact detail. He plans on Earth how to subvert the good and ensure the triumph of evil. He is of pure darkness; his soul invisible, deformed. He has no intention to save the world. He is the angel of death and destruction. He commits murder out of whim and for fun. He leads nations to war solely to deprive mothers of their children. Mercy is for the weak, the decrepit; justice and war for the strong and chosen-of-Satan.

Satan is noble, brave— all the virtues of heaven he possesses. But his arrogance, his self-conceit, his thirst for power damn his destiny.He kills those who betray him. He kills those he loves. He kills those who trust him. He is a monster. He goes to synagogue; he goes to church; he goes to mosque—but he pays no attention to the Scriptures and instead steals ideas of the divine for his own purposes. He plans for every scenario. He masters all arts— and bests everyone. The Lord is the maker of new things; Satan is the breaker of old things. He has many friends; but he himself is not a friend.

He strangles himself to death every waking moment— he never sleeps—he rarely dreams. He is the arch-enemy of the Lord. The Lord tries to kill him; and Satan tries to kill the Lord. He is the holder of all records; he is the star of every show.

He takes it upon himself to kill the Lord out of spite. He will destroy the world purely because it is fun to do so. Not only does he love and desire to own women, they worship him and consecrate themselves to him forever in unbreakable and obedient submission.

He is the left-hand of God—the bitch-slap of the Lord. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is ever forgiven by Satan. A wrong committed is a wrong with an eternal debt which Satan will ensure is paid back in full and in blood.

He makes nations quake; he leaves civilization in ruins. He destroys and then lets lesser beings clean up the brutal hell he has made.

To be continued…


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