Three Roses and a Weeping Beech

On a hill atop New Haven stands fruitful and fair

A weeping beech, with a willow arbour flair

Her homely branches mother a lover’s cave

Enbosoming Cupid’s babes each to crave

In secret happiness.

Many passing days I humbled to her home

Dreaming, daydreaming in loves’ coloured chrome

The clouds would kiss the expectant, shy grass

East Rock would gaze longingly for the city

Nature wrapped herself, embraced

Two cozy ends of the same bracelet

O! The trees have partners

And even the bees!

And what was left for me?

Would I forever a bachelor be

Alone in a world forged for two

And then the beloved came.

She flitted into my life,

A lingering leaf blown

By fate’s mischievous breath,.

Chance and the universe co-conspirators.

Beauty beyond beauty

Her eyes glistened gold

Without sunlight,

Her body danced

While she stood still

Her soul shined pink divine

Shone diamond great

Splitting light pierced my heart

And revealed a soft core of trembling warmth

And I fell deep in that chasm

Carved between hope and fear

But courage was mine,

Or youthful recklessness

Resolved, she was her,

Her who had namelessly

Whispered my name

From before my birth.

We who had plotted

a maze and a trick

Of everything in this world

That was not me or her.

Resolved, committed, bound

I went to the closest florist

And bought three red roses

Zig-zagging streets

Escaping curious eyes

My love secretly to prize

Up, up the hill I climbed, roses by my arms entwined

Sped fast my pulse, beat loud my heart

Love charged on her silvery cart

Up, up the hill to the beech at last

Behind her wooden mast, in a shaded cast,

Hid my bouquet of love’s great hurray

Now for the lady her heart to steal

Entrap her by flower snares and fate’s wheel

“Come, come my dear” I matched her stare

“Come, come my dear” I called her near

But the time’s fear of men and their all-evil ways

Ended the romantic gesture in its infant days

“Um, he was creepy and a little strange”

“Oh yeah?” “Yeah, he asked me on a date

Asked me about my interests, and my fate

“How dare he in his masculinity luxuriate!”

The keeper of the weeping beech cleans everyday

And I heard his wife was shocked one evening May

Three red roses were found wilting alone

Beneath thorny bushes tear-soaked and overgrown.

Writer, poet, philosopher

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