As I write at my desk, I am listening to Hans Zimmer’s phenomenal, otherworldly soundtrack to the equally breathtaking movie Interstellar. As I linger on every note, every sound which has neither beginning nor end, but rather an infinite middle-ness, a wave function, spreading further and further into the distance, the receding abyss of every note is dramatically reborn in a crucible of fire and lo and behold! a new note arises where the other dies, a veritable phoenix!

The transcendental feeling is the most powerful of all emotions. By overcoming magnitude through the use of overwhelming power, the infinite, that strange, curious Creature rears its head, and proclaims to the universe that I was here, I am here and I shall be here forever. No beginning, no end, what does that even mean? It is not possible according to the dictates of normal logic! But yet our souls intuit the truth, know the infinite intimately.

Music, O Music! Son of the Muses and father of mankind. Play, play on so says the Bard. Drive, drive forward our souls unto the promontory of no return. When armies, grand armies march to the beat and pounding of the drum, or the blaring of the trumpet, when Napoleon marched his way to Russia, liberating Europe, when the shofar of Joshua blasted seven times and down, down came the walls of Jericho, all these and more, prove that music is the very heart and soul of adventure and journeying.



Writer, poet, philosopher,

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