Transcendentals and equations

Adam Saul Krok
1 min readAug 29, 2023

The point of form physics can be algorithmized. First find a pair of metaphysically opposite substance. Second, create an equation which links the product of the measured variables of said opposites (eg momentum for mass and energy or space and time)Third, equate both transcendentals of the opposites as well as their Union (eg pi=mv, e=mv and pi.e=mv)

I have given my own example of space and time as opposites but there are a countably infinite number of said opposites. The point is to find opposites and make these type equations.

The resulting experiment should reproduce the pure phenomenon of any given opposite in a twofold way. For example equating space or pi to mv will result in a double-spaced phenomenon or quantum superposition. This can be done with any opposite combination

Furthermore if we accept my transcendental hypothesis as true, ie all transcendentals are derivative of pi.e we shall see that all opposites are merely quantified extensions of space and time. Therefore space-space as well as time-time exist, or their Union space-space-time-time. They merely become different type phenomena in reality while deriving themselves from the original physical opposites of space and time. Therefore we could hypothesise that kinetic and potential energy have associated transcendentals which put to some combination of their mass squared or space squared would result in a double pure phenomenon

For example:

Pi.h (height)=m^2v^2


(Pi.e)h^2= m^2v^2