Truth: The Existence of the Lord

The Lord Appearing to Moses and Joshua in the Pillar of a Cloud

Philosophy is a bottom-up game, where the human intellect soars from animalism to divinity, and which leads to Truth, Ultimate Truth. This Truth is simply that the Lord is the Creator and Master of the Universe. It is for this reason that the Jews proclaim this in their evening prayers:

‎“אמת ואמונה כל זאת, ןקים עלינו כי הוא אלהינו ואין זולתו ואנחנו ישראל עמו״

(Truth and belief is all this; it is established with us that He is the Lord our God, there is no other, and that we are Israel His People)

It is a transcendental truth beyond questioning. And now we may understand a peculiarity of the Lord’s mind. He descended to Earth and gifted the Jews with Truth, i.e. His Existence and Supremacy, but it came with paradoxical strings-attached. The Jews would have to believe and trust in the biblical narrative, in His Existence, without rational proof, for the rest of history, until His manifest appearance will come again. The Lord works in irony. One of the most rationally gifted people in the history of the world would have to rely on the opposite of intellect: belief. It is for this reason that many Jews are atheist, as well as the ineffable horror of the Holocaust.

Why is the existence of the Lord Truth itself? Because philosophy, the pursuit of truth, takes causes as its element. And as Plato and Aristotle observed, first causes are wisdom itself and the more we progress down the line of causes, the closer we attain to Ultimate Truth, the Uncaused Cause, Eternity itself, in other words the Lord.

One day, the Lord will return in full glory and reveal Truth to the nations. And all will bow and prostrate themselves to the King before time, during time and after time. And then we shall all be perfected philosophers.

יי אליהנו יי אחד



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