Why Joy is the Strongest and Most Divine of all Emotions

There he was, walking boldly in front of the world’s cameras, smiling. Smiling? Yes this man was smiling, a lifetime of struggle and imprisonment had not defeated his soul, had not cowed his heroism. Nelson Mandela, brave, bold, beautiful Mandela, left prison a happy, joyous man. Nothing in this world could break his spirit; separation, divorce, loss of comrades, twenty seven years of imprisonment! But how how how was it possible that he could still be happy?

Happiness belongs to the brave. How easy, trivial and boring it is to be sad! Everyone is sad, everyone has suffered in this brutal world; but few among us attain to happiness. Happiness then, it must be said, is the result of one’s own efforts. Point me out a happy man, and I will tell you that he is a noble soul; a brave soul.

And it is this struggle which is the noblest of endeavours; for he who attains happiness is bound to make others happy, and lead them to the same manna of equanimity. Struggle, fight and strive always to be happy. And then my friend will you be a boon to yourself, your friends, your community and the world.


Writer, poet, philosopher,

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