Why Russian is a Romantic language

“Speak low, if you speak of love” —Much Ado about Nothing, William Shakespeare

Very few people in the West, who have not been introduced to the Russian language or Russian literature, will know that Russian actually rivals French for its romanticism.

Now why is Russian a romantic language by its essence? This has to be because of the prevalence of soft consonants, called hushers, obviously a reference to hushing.

These consonants vibrate the entire body, stimulating the chest and even I would say the sexual organs.

Now if one is constantly vibrating the body over the course of a lifetime, this amplifies the sexual tension between the sexes as normal conversations are constantly couched in a state of longing.

And as the quote from Shakespeare attests to, a whispery voice is the spark of romance because we all know what happens after dark in the privacy of one’s beloved.



Writer, poet, philosopher, mystic

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Adam Saul Krok

Adam Saul Krok

Writer, poet, philosopher, mystic

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